A sluts date can go south (of the border)

I try to see someone often enough to keep it fun. Yes, I'm a slut. But I have a life too. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to put the slut in a drawer for a few weeks. I did that recently. When I was ready to go out again I called a guy I'd seen in the past and we set up a night to get together.

I had high hopes of a good, sexy night. My husband was ready for his usual night alone of waiting alone. But he says it is part of what he has come to expect on my date nights. I think he enjoys the wait in some weird way.

The guy came to pick me up at the house about 7:00 and we left for his place. We decided to stop in at a small nightclub near his place for a drink and maybe some dancing.

We had a few drinks and a couple dances (with me getting discreetly felt up on the dance floor). Then it was back to the table for a few more drinks. I was getting horny and ready to go. The problem was that I was also getting drunk on tequila. I guess I didn't have enough to eat that day, being busy and preoccupied with getting ready for the date. The liquor was taking its toll.

We stumbled out of there (I stumbled) got into the car and headed to his place. Thankfully he wasn't as drunk as me or it would have been a dangerous drive.

I have no idea what time it was when we made it there. 9? 10? I barely remember getting undressed. I do remember being on my back with him jamming his cock in my mouth one time and I remember some moments of being fucked on my back. I don't remember much else.

I woke up about 3:30. As soon as I sat up I knew we hadn't used a condom like usual. I had cum pasted between my legs and more dripped out when I sat up. Shit! It wasn't a good time of the month to be skipping a condom. Tomorrow might be a Plan B day.

I fumbled around and found my clothes and my purse. I got my cell and saw that I had seven missed calls and a shitload of texts from my husband. He was pissed off. The guy was still asleep next to me so I woke him up and told him he had to take me home right now. He wasn't too happy about it but he said okay and got up.

He was tipsy but not drunk. The drive home was a bitch because I felt like shit and I knew my husband would be waiting up. I called him on the way, told him I had passed out and was on the way. He was waiting at the door when we drove up. I got out of the car and told the guy not to come in. I didn't want my husband to confront him about anything (it wasn't his fault anyway).

My husband seemed more relieved than mad. He led me to the bedroom, undressed me and got me into bed. I think he wanted to try and get sexual but then realized that it was going to be a lost cause. I just passed out again.

I woke up in the morning with him slipping his dick in me from behind. My head was pounding but I let him screw me like that because I know he was worked up from waiting all night, and I know I worried him. He didn't last long and pulled out and shot on my ass. I guess he didn't figure out that we hadn't used a condom last night. If he had I'm sure he would've cum inside me. But I decided not to tell him about not using a condom so he wouldn't worry.

Later that day I did buy the Plan B and used it, just to be safe. But I'm done with tequila, especially on dates. Dating isn't any fun if I can't remember what the hell happened.


A slut likes bars

I like to browse the web and read literotica when I’m bored and alone and wishing I wasn’t, but I can’t seem to find someone at the moment.

One of the storylines I've always fancied is the couple who go into the bar to pick up a stranger and take him home. I don’t know why I like that idea. I don’t really have the guts to do it. I usually prefer to know something about a lover. But I sometimes think about the idea of that zipless fuck with some great looking guy, and the bar pickup stories always pull me in.

So, one day I decided to try it, or at least the next best thing. I also wanted to use this as a way to thrill my husband. It’s been some time since I surprised him.

I met a guy named Mitch about two months ago at a company seminar. He works at a branch office about two hours away. We hit it off, and I had my eye on him as someone I would be interested in. I just wish he weren’t so damned far away. I started to email him and I let him know that I would be interested on a personal level. We’ve been writing back and forth and have hit it off.

He knows I’m married but I told him it was okay because my husband and I have an understanding that gives me a lot of freedom. He didn’t ask any questions. I asked him if he wanted to come up for the weekend. I told him I would meet him at a local hotspot, but when we met he needed to act like we had never met before. He agreed and we set it up for Friday night.

That Friday I told my husband that I wanted him to watch me do something. When he asked what, I told him I always wanted to pick up a complete stranger in a bar and take him home and fuck him. I thought his jaw would hit the ground!! I explained that it was something I always wanted to do and I wanted him to watch me when I did it. I told him to go to the club on Friday night and wait for me, but to only watch and not to approach me.

My husband got there first. When I arrived I saw him at the far end of the bar, sitting alone and milking a cocktail. I sat at the other end of the bar, where I could see the door. I was dressed for the night and had to refuse several men soon after I arrived, but I let them linger long enough to make it interesting for my husband. About 20 minutes after I arrived Mitch walked in. I was able to catch his eye and he headed my way. He looked at the seat next to mine and asked if he could sit beside me. I nodded for my husband’s benefit and Mitch slid in beside me.

We talked and smiled and drank for the next hour. Occasionally I would glance toward my husband, watching for any reaction. He was trying not to stare but I knew he was watching every move. Then I told Mitch I had to go to the restroom and excused myself. When I walked past my husband I slipped him a note I had already prepared (assuming things would go well):

“Go home and park in the garage. Get in the master bedroom closet and crack the door. He and I will be there soon. Don’t make a sound. Don’t masturbate. Just watch.”

When I came back my husband was gone. Mitch and I finished our drinks and I invited him back to the house. We went straight there, and straight to the bedroom. I tried to undress him but he insisted on undressing me. Then he practically devoured me before taking me roughly. It was great sex even without knowing that my husband was watching. Mitch took me no less than three times that night often going non-stop for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. His stamina was amazing and I was crying and screaming. At times I didn’t know whether to beg for more or beg him to stop. Finally he was finished. I was almost relieved. We laid in bed for awhile talking, and made plans for the next night. He left the house about midnight.

My husband was in the bed as soon as the front door was closed and locked. Like Mitch, he practically attacked me until I was exhausted. It was a great night for everyone. I still don't know if I could actually pick up a stranger in a bar, but my husband thinks I did and THAT'S just about as much fun!


A day in the life of a slut.

Yesterday I worked from home. Well, I worked as much as I could. I spent some time masturbating.

I had a quick orgasm right after my husband left for work - I had been dying to come since the day before, and I needed it badly. I came fast and hard and then got to work, still touching myself now and then, keeping my pussy wet, and my nipples hard and sensitive. I would make phone calls to discuss work issues, talk to colleagues, while rubbing my clit or pinching my nipples. I love doing things like that - it makes me feel so dirty.

When I couldn't stand it any longer, I would give in and just go for it. Lie back on the sofa, close my eyes, touch myself the way I want to be touched by someone else. Anyone else, really. The way I was feeling yesterday, if the UPS man had come to the door, I would likely have dropped to my knees and offered him a blowjob on the spot.

I don't know what it is that makes me so insatiable on some days and not quite so much on others. I do know I get hornier close to ovulation. Duh. Who doesn't? That's explainable. But lately I've noticed that I can get horny at any time of the month, week or day for no reason. When I get like that I can fantasize about fucking anyone and everything.

We have a "friend" we play with occasionally - let's call him Greg. Greg is an even bigger sex nut than I am, hard to believe but true. Yesterday I wrote to him and tried to set something up, because I really just wanted a hard cock inside me and he is always willing to oblige. Sadly, Greg is away on business this week, so we will have to wait. But when he returns, we will go spend the night with him. HOT! We always fuck for hours while my husband "helps" by playing with me, possibly being allowed to put his cock in my mouth now and then if I'm not too preoccupied with Greg.

Since Greg was not available, I fantasized about another man I occasionally play with. There is a handyman we occasionally have in our home for repairs who made it known he was interested in me. I teased him for a while, let him play with my tits, showed him my pussy, even touched his cock. But I only teased. I was merciless with my "chastity" for a while - it drove him crazy, made him desperate to fuck me.

One day I finally let him. He thinks my husband doesn't know, and that I'm cheating and fucking him on the side. The truth is that my husband is crazy turned on when I fuck this man, and when I am done with him, my husband immediately comes home to fuck me with the smell and sweat and taste of this man all over me. I get so turned on fucking this guy, knowing that in just a few moments my husband will be there, his cock taking the place of the one that's inside me right then. It's so hot it makes me come like crazy!

One day I decided I needed more contact with other people like me, so I posted some sexual things on our local Craigslist board. It turns me on to post random things I know people will read, but it also turns me on when I get responses. Most of them are so crass and ridiculous, but some are intensely sexual and I actually got a great one yesterday. It made me consider writing the guy back to see if he wanted to have phone sex. Of course, what I truly wanted was a hard cock inside of me and a warm, wet mouth sucking on my nipples, so I let that one remain a fantasy.

I texted my husband to let him know what I was doing on Craigslist and that he was in for a fun night. He was playful back and that got me going again. We texted some dirty things to each other and of course I had to touch myself. I was so desperate for him to come home so I could take his cock in my mouth and make him feel what I had been feeling all day. Then I wanted him to slap my ass a bit before fucking me hard and fast, talking dirty the whole time - of course.

As I write this I am turned on imagining that there are people out there masturbating while they read what I write. I would love to think that someone could cum when they read this.

Damn, I really wish this day was over and my husband was home. Or the UPS man would show up.

The slut returns...

Sorry for the hiatus - life is like that sometimes. Wish I always had time to write about fucking, and thinking about fucking. But there it is.

Interesting - just logging back in to this blog to write again has gotten me turned on. I'll have to go fuck my currently unsuspecting husband when I am finished.

Lately I've been obsessing over multiple partners. Group sex is my weakness. Last night we stayed up ridiculously late, and it was 3:30 in the morning by the time I put some porn in the DVD player and started rubbing up against him in bed. We watched naughty nurses do all kinds of perverted things to each other while we played with each other, but what I was really thinking about was that I needed one or two extra people in bed with us to really get everything we both wanted. Maybe three. Depends on the gender. I think we need some fuck slaves - I don't want to have to deal with what they want, I just want them to cater to my selfish desires and needs.

When he was playing with my clit, torturing my pussy and damn near making me come with all his teasing, I desperately wanted someone else there to lavish attention on my tits. If there had been hands, fingers, lips, tongue, all touching, kissing, licking, stroking, sucking, rubbing, shaping, squeezing, pinching, nibbling on my tits, my nipples, all over my chest, I would have been insatiably orgasmic. It would have been such a feast of sensation, I'm not sure I could have stopped coming.

Maybe a third extra person. Maybe a guy to provide me with an extra cock at random, or fill any of my open spaces, so to speak.

Five people in bed - that would be fucking glorious!

I think I need to get past my fear, and we do need to go to a swinger's club and get completely wild, fuck any and all who come near us, a frenzy of flesh. Maybe even blindfolded to heighten the tactile sensations. Not knowing who was touching me, who I was touching - god, that would be so fucking hot I can barely keep my panties on right now. Man or woman, just going at it till I was utterly exhausted and with no idea how many people were fucking me at any one time.

How many people do you think can suck on my tits at once? Two, for certain, of course. But it would be utterly amazing to feel two, three, four or more mouths on my tits all at once. Sucking on my nipples, licking my tits, kissing the roundness of the flesh. And at the same time, disconnected hands and lips and tongues would be exploring my wet, willing pussy. I would become just a thing, a nameless, faceless body to be used for their amusement and pleasure. So many hands and mouths, cocks, pussies and tits thrust at me and in me, I would choke on them. I wouldn't know where one body ended and the next began. And I would want to fuck them all.

Maybe that is too much, over the top - too slutty. Not sure that's possible, but maybe so.

I get turned on just thinking of such things, though I don't know if they are logistically or pragmatically possible. They sure make me want to fuck, though.

Maybe we could start out with just one other person for a while, see how that goes. We need to find ourselves a another regular guy. Or maybe a woman, a submissive slut who will play with both of us while we fuck, take care of the parts we can't reach, make sure we are both completely taken care of the whole time. Either one would be a nice start. That would kick some fucking ass.

I love this idea. I am going to have to go masturbate before I do anything else - I can't wait to fuck my husband. I need to cum.

I'll do my best to keep up with the blog more frequently, but right now I am going to go get naked and play.

Confessions of a slut.

I have this strange, very perverted fantasy where I am on display as a sort of educational tool for men. Strange men come to see me, touch me, test me out, so to speak. I am usually tied to a bed, spread-eagled, naked of course. Sometimes I am blindfolded, but not always. I am not allowed to speak. There are often other displays in the large, open room, people milling about. Or sometimes it’s just a small, dark room with a spotlight over me, just me and a constant stream of men, and no escape in sight.

Some of the men talk about women somewhat clinically, discussing female bodies and body parts, how they work, how women are different from men physically. Some touch me as they talk, but it’s all very distant, unemotional. I might as well not even be there for all the attention they pay to me – personally, I mean. It’s only my body they are interested in. They pinch, pull, prod and insert wherever they please.

Sometimes the men in my fantasy are timid, and no matter how much I writhe and spread my legs and try to look inviting, they just won’t touch me. I get so wet just imagining what could happen, but they are too nervous. Funny how even though it’s my fantasy, I can’t seem to make them do what I want.

Other times, the men are rough – too rough. They feel me and poke me and don’t really care about anything other than the fact that they have a helpless woman at their mercy. They pinch my nipples hard. Their fingers are shoved inside with no regard for my comfort. Thankfully, each man takes only moments before moving on.

Then there are other men who play with me, not really sure what to do. They are fun. At first they just touch, lightly, not anywhere sexual – legs, neck, arms. Often my face. They play with my long, blond hair. But as they get bolder, and as I can tell they are getting a little excited, they start getting closer to the naughty bits. Fingertips sliding lightly down my neck over my chest to the sides of my breast, and down my side. Then a thumb will graze my nipple. If I moan a little, and they understand it feels good, that helps them take the next step. They take one of my breasts in their hand. Then both. Maybe a little nipple pinching, rolling it between their fingers. Figuring out what works. Eventually they make their way down between my legs, gently feeling every inch, spreading my legs wider, carefully opening my pussy, until they feel a wetness, but then sliding a finger in, two, three – in and out, in and out...

I like it when they figure that out.

Once in a while I’ll get a guy who makes a fist and goes all the way. Slowly, surely, that fist goes inside me and pumps me, harder and harder, gets me so hot that I cum. Very fun!

I am not allowed to talk, as I said before, so I can’t direct them to my clit. But they often find it, exploring on their own. They know it’s something important by the way my body reacts. Other men sometimes point it out, but most still have to find it themselves. The more adventurous men use their tongues to explore more fully – those are nice.

Eventually, one of the guys will pull out a hard cock and stand at the head of the bed, trying to decide what to do. Sometimes I take mercy on them and open my mouth, letting them know it’s okay. If I am blindfolded I sometimes only know what’s happening when I feel it pressing against my lips as it forces its way into my mouth. I do so love it when a guy is bold enough to climb up on the bed and straddle me, forcing it in, fucking my mouth and gagging me with his desperate cock. I feel like such a used piece of meat, such a whore. Delicious thoughts!

I’m still waiting for the day when one of them figures out they can fuck me. Odd, isn’t it? In the beginning, I controlled the fantasy completely, but I’ve been having it for so long now, I never know what’s going to happen. I just love closing my eyes, masturbating and imagining those men using me in all kinds of different ways.

I think I’ll do that now.

What slut doesn't like porn?

We have lots of porn. LOTS. Stacks and stacks. Probably hundreds of DVDs, and each one has several movies on it. My husband has more on his computer, but that’s the stuff specific to his interests, and I’m also guessing some stuff he likes to watch without me. I honestly think we have more porn than we could watch in this lifetime, but he keeps seeking out more. But there are worse things to be hung up on, and I often reap the benefits, so it’s all good.

Some porn is boring. How many times can you watch a hard dick slamming in and out of some random pussy before the yawning begins? I know – men love that stuff. But women need something a little more interesting. Storyline is always great, but variety is what really sells a porn for me. Well, that and two women or group sex.

The majority of our porn involves straight sex, lots of fucking and blow jobs with the usual money shots. We have some group stuff which can be hot. For me, I confess it’s chick porn I like most. Especially true dyke porn – the stuff made by dykes for dykes – HOT! I love porn with humor, too. There’s a Star Trek series, a Brady Bunch porn, a bunch of spoofs –there’s nothing better than laughing while fucking.

Fashionistas is a brilliant porn flick – if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you seek it out. It’s a great porn for chicks, so if you want to watch one with your woman – that’s a good place to start. Another good couples porn flick is Pirates – a truly excellent choice.

I’ve never really understood women (or men) who have a problem with porn. The "degrading to women" argument is obviously not going to hold water with me – I am a slut, after all. But the argument that having sex should be enough, or that it’s dirty, or that it’s cheating, for god’s sake – what a fucking joke. If you just don’t get off on it, I can almost support that – women are generally less turned on by visual stimuli. And frankly, I get that to an extent and can get burned out. I have never masturbated to a mere picture of anything or anyone. I like porn magazines, but it’s just fun to look – if I was going to get off on them, I’d need a story or something else to go with it. But being opposed to porn seems ridiculous to me. What’s the harm in watching some people you will never meet getting it on, and possibly spanking the monkey while you watch? I just don't get the problem.

Speaking of magazines – why in the hell are they so expensive? Our favorites have always been Taboo and Nugget. It’s been a while since we got them, though – are they still out there? They are kinky and fun, great pictures and lots of creative ideas. Some stuff is too far out even for me, but it’s still hot to look at. Strangely, the one magazine we get in the mail is Playboy – totally vanilla, but also fun. I always turn immediately to the back and check out the pictures of celebrities caught with their tits hanging out or some other flash shot. Love that.

I love putting a porn in the DVD player and lying in bed with my husband, playing with each other while we watch whatever perversions are unfolding onscreen. He teases me mercilessly, often bringing me to the very edge of orgasm multiple times and then denying me over and over again. By the time we start fucking in earnest, I am ready to explode and basically willing to do whatever he wants just to be able to come.

Of course, it can work both ways – I love doing that to him as well. Could anyone ask for anything more in a good marriage?

Porn is good. We may watch some tonight. I just need to make sure to grab my monster cock...

Sluts have inner conflict

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide when and where to be a slut. It was easier when I was single – I only had myself to answer to, I didn’t have a stable life, and if I did something truly stupid, I could just move on and start over. It’s not like that any more. We have a good life together, and solid careers. We can’t just bail out of the life we have built up because we make a stupid error in our sexual decisions. So I can’t just play with anyone and everyone I would like to.

There is also conflict because while I am a true slut at heart, I’m also a busy adult with a full life. Sometimes I am just not in the mood, too tired, or have no interest in fucking at that moment. Hard to believe, but I think that is true for everyone. It happens. Unfortunately, we don’t usually have those days in sync, and sometimes it can cause conflict. It really sucks when one of us wants to fuck like a monkey in heat and the other just wants to have a beer and not really even talk, much less get busy.

The hardest part is that I would like to be a slut far more often than I am able to be. I want to be a slut at times and with people that would be extremely inappropriate. It would be great if I could fuck some of these people and then wipe their memory clean, but I don’t have that option, so I just have to fantasize and masturbate.

Work and friends provide a lot of conflict for me. The place I work is rather large and diverse – from rough blue collar workers to computer geeks to mid-level worker bees to educated white collars. All kinds of fantasies to play out. I confess I like the blue collars the most. I flirt shamelessly with them as it is, but I would love to shock the shit out of one or two of them by offering myself to them.

There are two guys I work with I often imagine playing with. One is a blue collar, much older, very rough guy. He’s got grandkids and a wife of 30-some years. He’s a redneck and a very basic, nice guy. He also has a little crush on me. We hang out and chat, flirt a bit, just work buddies. I often wonder what he would think if he knew I was imagining him on his knees with his head buried between my legs, my cunt pushing into his face, his rough unshaven face burning my thighs and making me cry.

Would he do something about it if he could read my mind and saw the picture there of him fucking me from behind, roughly squeezing my tits while his cock forces its way into my pussy? Does he want to push me down on my knees, pull my hair and shove his cock in my mouth, fucking my face till he comes and I swallow every bit? When we stand, chatting about our weekend or the bullshit policies at work, I always want to close my office door, take my clothes off and start playing with myself for him, just to see what would happen next. Once I managed to rub my nipples without him noticing while we talked. Or maybe he did notice, I don’t know. It was delicious.

The other guy is even more tempting, because I know that he and his wife like to play with others. I don’t exactly know the terms for them, or how far they take it, but I do know it’s out there, and if I approached it with him, he would either be interested or not, but at least wouldn’t be surprised or “turn me in” so to speak. He’s a little safer – but still a source of conflict. Obviously I’m not going to do this, but what I would love to do is call him to my office under the ruse of a work-related problem, and then offer myself to him unreservedly. Since I know just the edge of his willingness to play, I am constantly imagining what he might do to me. Is he merely a swinger, who shares but only has vanilla sex? Or is he kinky, too – that thought alone has made me come more than once. What if he wanted to make me his personal work fuckslave? He could call me whenever he wanted something, tell me where to meet him, and I would have to obey – blowjob in the stairwell? Be right there. Fuck in the men’s room on the fourth floor? Yes, sir! 69 in your car in the parking lot of the main building? Oh god, yes please. Maybe he would force me to do things with other people, too – for all I know he has other women, and maybe even men, on call at work. How fucking hot would that be?

We have lots of friends I would love to fuck as well. Men, women, couples – we’ve had dinner parties where I was engaging in polite conversation but imagining everyone on the floor writhing all over each other, naked and sweaty, fucking without regard to gender or relationship status. I’ve actually lost my place in the conversation and had to be pulled back in thinking about it. I think they all just thought I had too much wine. Imagine what they would have said if they’d known I was picturing them coming in my hair and calling me a little slut...

Being a slut isn’t always easy. I have to repress the need to act like a slut sometimes. And I can be a source of disappointment when my inner slut just doesn’t feel like coming out to play. Still, nothing is conflict free, and I do so love being a slut when the time is right and the opportunity comes along.