A sluts date can go south (of the border)

I try to see someone often enough to keep it fun. Yes, I'm a slut. But I have a life too. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to put the slut in a drawer for a few weeks. I did that recently. When I was ready to go out again I called a guy I'd seen in the past and we set up a night to get together.

I had high hopes of a good, sexy night. My husband was ready for his usual night alone of waiting alone. But he says it is part of what he has come to expect on my date nights. I think he enjoys the wait in some weird way.

The guy came to pick me up at the house about 7:00 and we left for his place. We decided to stop in at a small nightclub near his place for a drink and maybe some dancing.

We had a few drinks and a couple dances (with me getting discreetly felt up on the dance floor). Then it was back to the table for a few more drinks. I was getting horny and ready to go. The problem was that I was also getting drunk on tequila. I guess I didn't have enough to eat that day, being busy and preoccupied with getting ready for the date. The liquor was taking its toll.

We stumbled out of there (I stumbled) got into the car and headed to his place. Thankfully he wasn't as drunk as me or it would have been a dangerous drive.

I have no idea what time it was when we made it there. 9? 10? I barely remember getting undressed. I do remember being on my back with him jamming his cock in my mouth one time and I remember some moments of being fucked on my back. I don't remember much else.

I woke up about 3:30. As soon as I sat up I knew we hadn't used a condom like usual. I had cum pasted between my legs and more dripped out when I sat up. Shit! It wasn't a good time of the month to be skipping a condom. Tomorrow might be a Plan B day.

I fumbled around and found my clothes and my purse. I got my cell and saw that I had seven missed calls and a shitload of texts from my husband. He was pissed off. The guy was still asleep next to me so I woke him up and told him he had to take me home right now. He wasn't too happy about it but he said okay and got up.

He was tipsy but not drunk. The drive home was a bitch because I felt like shit and I knew my husband would be waiting up. I called him on the way, told him I had passed out and was on the way. He was waiting at the door when we drove up. I got out of the car and told the guy not to come in. I didn't want my husband to confront him about anything (it wasn't his fault anyway).

My husband seemed more relieved than mad. He led me to the bedroom, undressed me and got me into bed. I think he wanted to try and get sexual but then realized that it was going to be a lost cause. I just passed out again.

I woke up in the morning with him slipping his dick in me from behind. My head was pounding but I let him screw me like that because I know he was worked up from waiting all night, and I know I worried him. He didn't last long and pulled out and shot on my ass. I guess he didn't figure out that we hadn't used a condom last night. If he had I'm sure he would've cum inside me. But I decided not to tell him about not using a condom so he wouldn't worry.

Later that day I did buy the Plan B and used it, just to be safe. But I'm done with tequila, especially on dates. Dating isn't any fun if I can't remember what the hell happened.